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3:42am 12-07-2022
oh wow somehow I never actually commented on your guestbook despite lurking on your site a surprising amount? anyhow Hello! I like your site!
6:58am 12-03-2022
HI THIS IS UR TUMBLE MUTUAL (bisexual-cat) ur site is so so soooo cool (>_< it is giving me a lot of inspo for mine!!!
8:58am 12-02-2022
im srry but are u actually chronically online ....
Replied on: 4:11pm 12-03-2022

Did you know that 123guestbook gives you the IP address of whoever comments? Just shot the school you posted this from a message about their students using their campus Internet and/or computers to bully others online :/!

8:35pm 11-09-2022
time traveller
Hello 2001, I'm from the year 2022.
8:51am 10-16-2022
Really love this site! It's got a lovely layout and the articles are a very interesting read. I'm definitely going to sign up for your webring when I have the time.
11:25pm 10-03-2022
pretty cool, the amount of dedication towards this blog is amazing, wish i had this type of motivation
3:20pm 08-31-2022
i absolutely loved the site
it has this nostalgic yet new vibe... it's so awesome
6:07pm 08-25-2022
"There's nobody like you. No alliances. No clubs. No community."

Oh, that line feels all too familiar.
10:10pm 08-22-2022
pixel (4leaf)
awesome site! 10/10 love reading your articles
8:39pm 08-08-2022
omg i love this website :3 very cool pixel hoard and the noise when hovering over the menu is very nice
3:01pm 08-06-2022
Definitely nabbing some of the stuff from your pixel hoard, also Sun Wukong is a really cool character
4:00pm 07-15-2022
pretty site <3
5:39am 07-13-2022
wow the buttons n blinkies !!!
3:13pm 07-05-2022
[oogway voice] monkey
3:51pm 06-28-2022
i really enjoyed your article on the kin community. it feels like the definitions have been changing and anyone who is "too serious" gets pushed out. it's been a real point of disappointment and frustration watching that shift happen for the worse. that aside, i really like the design and layout of your site!
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